PC to iOS device transfer

PC to iPad transfer - Software helps users copy files (Music, Video, Photo, ePub Books, PDF, Audiobook, Voice Memos, Ringtone, Contact, Podcast and TV Show) from PC to iPad (support the latest iOS devices iPad air, iPad mini, iPad 4,2, iTunes and iPhone), and vice versa.

transfer files PC to iPad

import photos music to iPad

Transfer and back up files without any data loss

save files to ipad

Choose the softare for you Computer

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For iPhone :

Copy files from PC to iPhone and iPhone to PC

iPhone transfer is your best way to import music, video, ePub, PDF, image files on PC to iPhone/iPhone to PC.

About iPad to Mac Transfer

1. Transfer files between iPad and Mac.

2. Copy files to iPad library on Mac.

3. Export audio books from iPad to Mac.

4. Transfer songs purchased on iPad to Mac local.

5. Sync the purchased files on iPad to iTunes library.

6. Transfer iMessage from iPad to Mac.

7. Transfer iPad music/video to iPhone library on Mac.

8. Transfer photo files from Mac to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

9. Transfer ePub, PDF files from Mac to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

10. Copy iPhone SMS, Call List, Contact from iPhone to Mac as .txt file.

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